Shot-blasting – is a complicated process, performed with the help of shot (abrasive material), which are thrown to the surface with the high speed due to the influenceof centrifugal forces.

When hitting the surface, shot removes small pieces of steel and dirt form the surface forming a small hollows and peaks. Shot-blasting treatment can do both at the same time: clean the treated surface and roughen it, in order it could makea homogeneous adhesion between coating and a surface of an element, thereby extending service period of it. All these processes lead to increasing of adhesion and improving the quality of a surface.

Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant has four shot-blasting chambers available. Twoofthemarelocatedatrawmaterialwarehouse. Inthisplaceallsteelisprimaryshot-blasted. The remaining two chambers are located is painting and shipment shop, where finished structures are shot-blasted second time before application of anti-corrosion coating.

All shot-blasting chambers are of continuous type, manufactured by Vilabrator Allevar LLC, and Rosler Company. Shot, used for the chambers is purchased from VA Kurgan CJSC (Kurgan), WINOA Corporation (Vilabrator Allevar). High-quality shot and modern shot-blasting equipment allows to achieve high surface preparation degree -  Sa 2 ½, Sa 3 as per ISO 8501–1 and equal surface profile (roughness 50÷60 µm Rz)