Application of anti-corrosion coating

Metal is one of the most efficient materials used in construction. However it deteriorates, therefore it should have some kind of protection against exposure of corrosive environment.

The main way to protect steels structures against corrosion is application of paint. This kind of coating ensures protection against deleterious effects: temperature drops, UV radiation, negative environmental conditions. Lacquer-and-paint coating efficiently protect steels structures during operation periods.

Statistics gathered by specialists from developed countries shows that every country loses 2-4% of its GDP per year from corrosion. At the same time loses of equipment and products of steel are 10-20% of annual steel production. That’s why anti-corrosion coating is on of the most important steel structure production stages. Steel structure paintwork – is a quite complicated process, which is connected with certain characteristics and properties of the material, thus it can be performed only by specialists can only guarantee the quality of paint coating. Application of modern technologies and equipment allows ChSSP personnel to ensure a high level of paint application.

Anti-corrosion protection of steel structures I performed in several stages:

  • Degreasing;
  • Thefollowingsubstancescanbeusedfordegreasing: organicsolvents, waterdetergentsolutionsandwateremulsionsolvents. The grade of degreasing is checked in accordance with GOST 9.402;
  • Descaling and derusting.

Abrasiveblastcleaningisthemostcommonandefficientmethodofsteelsurfacepreparation. Grade of surface preparation is checked in accordance with GOST 9.402 or ISO 8501-1. Surface roughness is controlled by means of comparator instruments as per ISO 8503 or digital profilographs. ChSSP equipment allows performing blast cleaning in accordance with the highest standards, achieved degree of cleaning is Sa 3 as per ISO 8501-1. The plant has 4 shot-blasting chambers and 5 rotoblasting ones. 

Preparation of paint-and-lacquer materials for application

SetofworksforPreparationofpaint-and-lacquermaterialsincludes: mixingofamaterialinatransportcontainerandachievingofapplicationviscosity. These works should be in a strict compliance with paint manufacturer's recommendations.

Application of coating

There are many ways to apply lacquer-and-paint materials, but airless spraying as a rule is used for steel structures. In this case the splitting of the coating is achieved without compressed air by means of high hydraulic pressure, which forces the paint out of the elliptical hole of a special nozzle.

Special high-pressure equipment is used for airless spraying. It consists of: a pump, supplying the pressure to the paint (up to 200–500 atmospheres),high pressure hoses, an airless spray-gun and airless painting nozzle. Modern high-capacity painting equipment manufactured by WIWA Company is used at ChSSP, CJSC.

ChSSP, JSC works with well-known manufacturers of anti-corrosioncoating materials - Jotun and  Hempel companies. Mutual cooperation between our companies allows reaching the maximum specified service life of coatings. ChSSP CJSC personnel can apply both: primer layer coating for further enamel site application and application of the whole system of anti-corrosion coating at the shop. The plant has six drying chambers; they allow applying complicated coating systems, requiring heat drying.

Internal quality control is performed at each stageof work. The following equipment is used for quality control ofanticorrosive works: thickness gauges, profilometers, adhesiometers, climate control equipment.

High equipment availability and strict action plan, aimed at the application of steel structures anti-corrosion coating allows ChSSP specialist to achieve outstanding resultsand be the firstamong many.