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The beginning of reconstruction of "Metallka" hockey rink.

16.08.2012, 12.00 a.m., ChSSP Stadium
Sports andhistoricmeeting with participation of world famous hockey player and our favorite fellow countryman - Sergei Makarov, his famous brothers - Nikolay and Yuri Makarov, as well the media and the sports community.

On the 1st of August, 2012 Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant celebrated its 70th anniversary.

The governor congratulated the personnel of the plant.

The governor – Mikhail Yurevich and the head of city administration – Sergey Davydov also visited the enterprise. In honor of 70th anniversary some of deserved workers were awarded with Certificates of Merit.


© METCONFILM and ART-START Studio,  2012-2013

Olympic Facilities are manufactured in Chelyabinsk. Frames of Sochi stadiums are fabricated by Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant. Orders for soccer championship are awaiting its turn. Today the plant celebrates its 70th anniversary. But fabrication isn’t stopped even during the celebration. Ourreporterssawitwiththeirowneyes.

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