Manufacturing process

Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant has strong manufacturing capabilities, which allow us to manufacture elements of bearing structures with maximum precision. This ensures reliability, security and unparalleled durability of our products. All elements of steel structures are manufactured by means of modern and high-tech equipment.

Engineering and fabrication of steel structures involves several steps.

Engineering works

Manufacture of steel structures starts at a design office. Main parameters of steel elements are defined here depending on operating conditions, climatic conditions, loads on bearing elements, etc. Correct design ensures durable, safe and reliable steel frame, which is the base of pre-fabricated building.

ChSSP carries out the whole cycle of engineering works: calculations and design of elements, configuration of a building, connections of steel framework elements, detailed design and preparation of drawings.

Further fabrication and erection of steel structures can be done in the shortest time and constructed buildings are reliable and durable due to competently performed engineering works

Highly experienced and qualified specialists of Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant took part in manufacture of objects of varying complexity and purpose.

Preparation of materials for fabrication

Fabrication of steel structures starts in Preparation & Treatment Shop. This shop includes warehouse with a steel preconditioning area. Steel unloading, inspection, marking, and arrangement are performed at the steel warehouse.

After that raw steel and all related materials arrive to Treatment Shop, where Semi-finished products are fabricated. Rolled products pass through shot-blasting using special equipment which allows to completely remove all possible types of impurity: rust, dust, slag, etc. Later semi-finished element is flattered and cut to pieces.
The shop is equipped with overhead and suspended cranes, and powered cars allow to transport elements from one area to another.
The total number of cranes with spans from 15 to 30 m, in the Treatment Shop is 33. The crane capacity varies from 8 to 30 tons. The crane track height is 8100 mm.

Assembly and Welding

Assembly and Welding Shop is capable of producing steel structures of different parameters and configurations. Our employees design and manufacture steel structures for general-purpose civil and industrial buildings (office buildings, shops, trade and entertainment centers), blast-furnace plants, bridges, towers and masts, vessels with the capacity up to 100 m3, various facilities and other steel structures (including tailor-made ones).

At the stage of assembly all required operations are performed on specialized platforms (up to 7 m wide and 24 m long), racks, in specialized or universal fixtures, using standard process equipment.

High precision equipment of Assembly and Welding Shop includes:

• automated submerged arc welding for bar chord welding and sheet jointing (ADF-1002 automated machine);

• Equipment for automated gas-shielded arc welding. For this purpose semiautomatic welder PDG-508UZ is used.

• assembly and welding mills 1200 and 1500 for manufacturing of bars 12000 mm to 14000 mm long, and with web height from 400 mm to 1500 mm, and chord width from 120 mm to 450 mm.

44 cranes, capacity form 10 to 100 tons are used for transportation of steel structure elements. Cranes have spans from 15 to 36 m. Crane runways elevation is from 8100 to 20000 mm.

Painting of steel structures

One of the major steps of manufacture of steel structures is anti-corrosion treatment and painting. These operations allow to protect steel from exposure of against the negative impact of the environment (temperature drops, adverse operation conditions, climatic conditions, etc.) and enables to maintain the required level of reliability and security of frameworks.

All treatment operations with steel structures are performed in Painting and Shipping Shop. Steel structures are cleaned, painted, dried and loaded in rail railway cars or trucks.

The structures are cleaned in the shop by means of three shot-blasting chambers before painting. Maximum dimensions of the pieces treated are as follows:

  • height (without tilters) – 3500 mm;
  • width – 3500 mm;
  • length – 13000 mm.

Short-blasting allows removing different types of impurities and rusting (which can reduce operation period of a product) from the surface of steel structures. After complete removal of rust, slag and dust the steel structure is coated with primer, and then after drying it is coated with paint. Structures are painted and dried on special racks. The Painting and Shipping shop is serviced by nine cranes with the capacity from 20 to 40 tons, spans from 30 to 36 m, and the track height from 9650 to 14000 m.


Shipment of steel structures is performed in a in a specially equipped shop with help of powerful cranes. The gate dimensions in the Plant shops make it possible to transport products of a various dimensions in line with the railway restrictions valid in the Russian Federation.


Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant deliver steel structures throughout Russia and abroad.

Possible variant of transportation of cargo:

  • Trucks
  • Railway cars
  • Cargo planes

Main access roads to the Plant are hard motor-ways for cars and trucks.

Access limitations:

- length up to 15 m;
- width up to 4 m;
- height up to 4 m;
- weight up to 40 tons.

Transportation of cargo by means of rail road is performed form Chelyabinsk-Yuzhny station. Access way to this station goes through Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant (Chelpipe). The cargo dimensions are limited by load profile of the Railway Ministry.

Air transportation (both freight and civil):

Chelyabinsk airport.

Distance from the Plant to Chelyabinsk airport is 30 km.

If you want to place an order or calculate cost please contact Project Department tel. + 7 (351) 253-29-61

Advantages of manufacturing of steel structures by Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant

High-precision equipment allow to manufacture structures of any configuration and purpose – for office buildings, production plants, civil works, shopping and entertainment centers, sports facilities, etc.

Efficient technologies of cleaning of steel structures by means of short-blasting, which allow to remove different impurities from the surface of steel – slag, rust, old paint coatings, mud and dust. Due to further primer and paint application steel structures manufactured by Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant have an excellent corrosion resistance and long operation period.

High professional skills of our employees allow to make delivery right on time.

Quality control performed at every stage of manufacturing of steel structures, starting from engineering stage, fabrication, painting, treatment and up to erection of steel frames at the place of construction of a pre-fabricated building.