Bridge crossing on the Leningrad highway across Moscow canal

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The bridge consists of two blocks of main girders with spans of 60, 93 and 129 m. Main beams are L-shaped with the height of 3600 mm, and united into a 3900 mm wide block by means of upper and lower orthotropic decks. The driveway width is 20,754 m, length of the bride is 42 m. The total weight of steel structures is 3900 tons.

Bridges are an element of transport infrastructure, performing an important function of service between territories. New technologies allow embodying the most impressive architectural designs with outstanding performance characteristics. Construction of bridges - expensive and crucial process requiring compliance with all building codes and safety standards for rigidity and stability of constructed span structure.

Properlyconstructedbridgesare beautificationofthecity. Some preparation works should be carried out before the design of a bridge: calculation of loads the structure should withstand, take into account all environmental hazards, etc. These procedures ensure reliability and safety of the bridge, support structures of which will not fail in a time. Only high-strength steels and materials of a high quality are selected for this purpose.

Construction of a bridge starts from design and erection of bridge abutment. Assembling of pile shells and other steel structures begins only when the abutment is already finished.

ChSSP, CJSC supplies structures for bridges with the length up to several kilometers. All structures are fabricated taking into account all the necessary international and state standards.

The unique L-shaped main beams with the height of 3600 mm were used in 2009 during construction of bridge crossing on the Leningrad highwayover Moscow Channel. They were united into a 3900 mm wide block by means of upper and lower orthotropic decks. Blocks of the main beams are connected with vertical and transverse bracing. The total weight of structures is 3900 tons.

Pedestrian areas are located at both sides of the bridge. Leningrad bridge was built in 1937 and had an archedstructure. In 1980 itwasdismantled. Reconstructionofthebridgewasperformedin2007–2010.