Steel Structure Plant

Chelyabinsk Steel Structure Plant, JSC is one of the major producers of high-quality constructional steel and bridge structures, and is known not only in Russia, but far beyond the borders. The Company history dates back to August 1942. In 1975, the Company reached maximum yearly output of 127 195 tons. In February 2007, the Company produced the five-million ton since the year of establishment. The present best output capacity is 80 000 tons of steel structures per year.

July 2009. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works started-up the Plate Mill 5000. This outstanding event was preceded by large-scale performance of many construction teams, one of them being Chelyabinsk Steel Structures Plant. For this project, the Company supplied 1650 tons of steel structures over the period 2007-2008.
Since the first days of existence, Chelyabinsk Steel Structures Plant has been a permanent supplier of structural steel for construction of iron & steel industry facilities. Orders from steelmaking companies account for over 25% of the Company products. The Plant took part of constructing facilities for iron & steel works in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets, Lipetsk; steelmaking plants of Novo-Tulskiy, Novo-Kramotorskiy, and Nizhne-Tagilskiy; Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Plant; Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant; and steelmaking companies in India and other countries

Apart from construction of industrial facilities, the Company has essential experience in fabricating steel structures for civil applications, building frames of shopping malls, office blocks, bridge superstructures, etc., with emphasis to be put on construction of large-span sports facilities. Unique steel structures have been produced to cover the Big Sport Arena in Luzhniki; skating center in Krylatskoye; Ice Sport Palace in Khodynka (all in Moscow); all-season mountain skiing facility in Moscow Region; and the in-door skating center Uralskaya Molniya (Chelyabinsk).

JSC ChSSP is currently increasing the output, thus ensuring financial stability and utilization of the Plant capacities, whilst complying with the interests and desires of the partners. This fact is also supported by the “Bona Fide Supplier of the Year” Grand Prix No. DPG-1189/08 (Moscow) and “Bona Fide Supplier of the Year” Diploma No. D-DP 1189/08 (Moscow), both awarded to CJSC ChSSP at the end of 2008 by the international investment consulting center for outstanding performance in management, important contribution to the steady development of the country, financial stability, and secured contract performance.

The Company’s competitive abilities are supported by advanced technologies, high-precision machinery, high-skilled personnel, and always high-quality products.
In 2002, JSC ChSSP was approved as a producer of welded steel structures pursuant to Lloyd’s Register requirements. The welding processes applied by the Plant are confirmed with certificates every three years. The Company’s QMS has been certified under ISO 9001:2008 international standard, this fact was approved by an audit done by TUV International Company. JSC ChSSP is licensed for fabrication of equipment for nuclear power station; the license permits to produce localizing safety systems, radiation and biological protection elements, supporting and bearing structures, pressure vessels, pipelines and pipeline elements.

At present time, JSC Chelyabinsk Steel Structures Plant combines established traditions with high skills and advanced technology. The Company is in successful development in line with new trends through upgrading the process equipment, and applying state-of-art practices for design and fabrication of steel structures.

Main fields of manufacturing activity of ChSSP JSC:

1. Fabrication of constructional and process steel structures for buildings and facilities.

2. Fabrication of structural steel for civil buildings including framework structures of office blocks, trade, entertaining and sport centers, etc. 

3. Fabrication of single, unique, large-dimensioned structures with high precision. 

4. Fabrication of steels structures for bridge superstructures.

5. Fabrication of welded I-beams from rolled plate steel. 

6. Fabrication of cone bottomed single-shell horizontal tanks, capacity 25 to 100 m3, both above ground and buried. 

The team of our plant invites you to a mutually beneficial cooperation.